Clean ISO Whey Protein

Clean ISO Protein from BioCorp USA is triple filtered with premium Isolate Whey Protein. We added digestive enzymes to support the breakdown of protein to avoid discomfort and bloating, sweetened with real organic Stevia & Monk Fruit to protect your microbiome. All in one Protein.

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Pulse Elite Pre-Workout

Pulse Elite Pre-Workout For the Body & Mind Pulse Elite is formulated to significantly increase nitric oxide levels in the body, providing intramuscular hydration, energy, focus, and a remarkable boost in muscle strength.

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Pulse + Pre-Workout

Ultra Premium Pulse+ Pre-Workout Formula Each scoop of Pulse+ Pre-Workout is loaded with powerful ingredients designed to supercharge your workout to levels you have never experienced

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Amino Complex

Muscle Builder Pro with BCAA’s Advanced Branched-Chain Amino Acids for muscle growth, fat loss, & Quick Recovery after intense workouts

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Amino Network/Building Blocks

Amino acid networks (AANs) are networks composed of amino acid residue and their interactions related to protein structures. The analysis of AANs offers insight into the science behind all matters associated with protein   Common amino acid network properties have revealed the existence of a wide variety of proteins.

Protein Synthesis/Structural Process

Protein synthesis is the process behind the creation of protein molecules. In biological systems, it has to do with amino acid synthesis, transcription, and translation. In amino acid synthesis, there is a set of biochemical processes that generate amino acids from carbon sources like glucose.

Tissue Regeneration/Sustainable Recovery

Tissue regeneration is the process of growth and renewal.  Such a process is essential l to repair or replace tissue that is damaged or suffers from a disease where Amino Acids play an important role.

Published research indicates that Amino Acid deficiency can result in a plethora of health issues including digestive problems as well as the slowing down in recovery.  Furthermore, it can lead to fatigue, muscle wasting, poor sleep, brain fog, moodiness, and anxiousness.

Other unpleasant symptoms include sugar cravings, weight gain, fatty liver, hair loss, skin, and nail problems.

No one wants to experience any of these symptoms.  Therefore, it is essential that you prevent these from rearing their ugly head in your body.  At BioCorp, we offer a complete Amino Acid panel specifically created to ensure the health and well-being of your muscles.

Order Now and feel great again!

Most supplement companies are paying salesman, Stores and Websites to recommend their products. WE DON’T!
BioCorp supplements are made in a GMP registered facility, which is regulated by the FDA. This is not a requirement for supplement companies, but we pride ourselves in top quality ingredients and products.
“Proprietary blend” means that the company doesn’t want you to know how little of each ingredient they put in their formula. If a company isn’t willing to tell you exactly what they’re selling you – Stay away!
We do not use any banned substances in our products and everything is lab tested for purity and potency to produce results. We will never add ingredients that may harm your health.

The BioCorp Difference

When you purchase online from Biocorp, you are buying direct from the manufacturer, there is no middle-man. Our product labels contain all ingredients and potency. This is very rare in any supplement company. Biocorp cares about what you put in your body and wants you to feel confident in using their products.

We have also gone a step beyond and registered with the FDA. This is not a requirement for supplement companies, but we pride ourselves in top quality ingredients and products.

Say NO to Proprietary Blends

Any product that doesn’t disclose the doses of its ingredients is one to avoid. “Proprietary blend” means that the company doesn’t want you to know how little of each ingredient they put in their formula. The proprietary blend allows supplement companies to hide their dosing because it prevents you from knowing what you’re actually buying. This allows them to cut corners and make more money while you, the consumer, wastes money on a subpar product that produces little to no results. If a company isn’t willing to tell you exactly what they’re selling, Stay away!

Your Supplements May Be Ineffective AND Contaminated

Americans love supplements! But we may not realize that some of the supplements on shelves today are not only ineffective, but also contaminated. Having good ingredients can get really expensive, really fast, and that’s where supplement companies cut corners. That’s why most supplement companies skimp and use small, inexpensive (and ineffective) fillers and doses, betting that you won’t know the difference.

Artificial Junk – Dangerous ingredients

Here’s the list of harmful ingredients that you might find in your supplements you’re currently taking and you don’t even know it: Artificial Colors, Hydrogenated Oils, Lead, Mercury, PCBs, Talc or Magnesium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide etc. There’s tons of evidence that ingesting enough of them regularly can be harmful to your health.

Crooked Marketing

Many different dietary supplements are being sold in America. The quality of the evidence supporting their efficacy covers a wide spectrum: Some are based on solid science, whereas with most supplements there is little or no supporting evidence. Most supplements can’t deliver even one-tenth of the overblown, scientifically promises made on their product labels.

Supplements with countless ingredients (are a scam)

An easy way to make a supplement look impressive is to stuff it with tons of unnecessary ingredients. Any supplement manufacturer can provide you with cookie-cutter formulations that look and sound magnificent to the average consumer. They’re not. Almost every health expert you meet will tell you to read the supplement label. Read the label and you will be okay, right? Not so fast. Remember that most ingredients found in most supplements don’t have any scientifically validated benefits, and those that do are usually under dosed to the point of irrelevance. That’s why products can contain so many individual ingredients. When you stick to ingredients backed by science and proper, clinically effective doses, though, your formulations look a lot different.

For the most part bodybuilding supplements are filled with low quality ingredients, toxic additives and unnecessary fillers so that the giant “nutrition” conglomerates can improve their bottom line. We sincerely feel that oftentimes these products can do more harm to the body overtime than good. Obviously, we are not alone in our opinion on these items that are littered throughout vitamin shops and supplement sections across the globe. We were so sick of the unhealthy options being marketed to young athletes that we decided to formulate our own products based on years of knowledge and science. We Guarantee the Highest Quality Ingredients Available For our Products.


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