Pre-workout supplements are a must for a lot of people who need a kick in the butt before a gym session.

But, there are different tiers of “butt-kicking” power when it comes to these products, and today, we’re only discussing the strongest pre-workouts on the market. And caffeine content is a good way to gauge just how potent some powders are. Here are the top 10 energy drinks.

Now, common ingredients that work synergistically to make a pre-workout effective include; caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, amino acids, and nitric oxide compounds. And they work very well together (Let’s just get that out there while we’re here).

But are these really the strongest pre-workouts?

Well, if not then they’re darn close. Many of the added ingredients make them even more potent and effective…

Strongest Pre-Workout Supplements:

  1. Overall BEST: BULK Pre-Workout Buy here   Editor’s Choice 
  2. Strong: 4 Gauge Pre-Workout Buy here   Strong Pre-workout 
  3. Strongest: Pulse+ Pre-Workout  Buy here  Best tasting energy drink
  4. Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Yeah Buddy Buy here
  5. ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Buy here
  6. Staunch Pre-Workout Koala Freak Buy here
  7. Legion Pulse Pre-workout Buy here
  8. Muscletech Vapor 1 Pre-workout Buy here
  9. BSN Endorush Buy here
  10. Jym Supplement Science Pre Jym Buy here
  11. MusclePharm Wreckage Pre-Workout Buy here
  12. : Powher Women’s Pre-Workout Buy here   Top rated fat burners for women

Pre-workout most powerful energy drink, Benefits, And Ingredients

According to research, Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements do have a lot of promise for aiding in performance. And the following ingredients are really all you need. (1, 2)

And any other added ingredients may be beneficial but these should be the core of an effective pre-workout supplement.


Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant.

And it’s the main ingredient responsible for the acute ergogenic effects we get from pre-workout supplements. And it’s been proven to significantly improve performance during resistance training and endurance training.

But, it’s most effective when taken in dosages of 3 and 6 mg/kg body weight. And caffeine’s effects kick in within 60 minutes of ingestion. But, an effective dose for most active people is 300mg. (1)


Creatine is an amino acid which is a beast at what it does for enhancing performance benefits. Just 5 grams per day can noticeably improve strength and even muscle size. (1, 3)

Creatine has been studied for many years and its effects are proven.


BCAAs, also known as Branched-Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, valine, and isoleucine) are the building blocks of protein. And they are added to many pre-workout supplements.

Now, BCAAs have shown to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and Leucine is the most prominent when it comes to muscle protein synthesis. (4, 5)

Nitric Oxide agents

Nitric oxide increases blood flow to muscles. Arginine and citrulline come to mind when it comes to these vasodilators which help open the blood cells so oxygen can get in. 6-8 grams per day is a minimum recommended dosage. But, high doses can be very beneficial. (1)


Beta-alanine is a precursor to carnosine which has been shown to increase high-intensity performance. So, beta-alanine is an important ingredient in a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement. (1)


Betaine (trimethylglycine) is an effective substance which can increase nitric oxide levels and creatine synthesis. Its effects on performance have been studied and when consumed in generous doses, it can increase training volume. (1)


Overall BEST: Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout


Transparent Labs BULK is not the strongest but overall The Best in class pre-workout supplement available. BULK pre-workout is designed to support muscle growth and performance, while still providing an energy boost to help you power through the toughest sessions.

BULK is designed to help you recover better with a nice dose of BCAAs and many other suitable ingredients. This all comes from a company that focuses on creating products that are fully transparent.

Caffeine: 180 mg Caffeine Anhydrous

Strong: 4 Gauge


4 Gauge Pre Workout

4 Gauge is made by Roar Ambition and it’s unique shotgun shell bottle makes it stand out (at least in that regard) from other options on the market. Make no mistake though, it’s a potent formula despite containing just 150mg caffeine which may be considered low for some.

The caffeine works synergistically with the 200mg L-theanine to enhance and prolong mental performance.

Then you have a low dose of creatine to support muscle growth, increased strength, improved performance, and brain health. L-citrulline gives massive pumps while carnitine fights fatigue, and Rhodiola Rosea improves many variables of performance. Not to mention, there are a few more effective ingredients as well.

4 Gauge is made from natural sources and is a safe and perfectly-potent formula.

Caffeine: 150mg caffeine



Strongest: Ultra Premium Pulse+ Pre-Workout









Stop shortcutting yourself and experience the #1 Pre-Workout formula on the market engineered by BioCorp. Each scoop of BioCorp Pulse+ Pre-Workout is loaded with powerful ingredients designed to supercharge your workout to levels you have never experienced.

  1. Citrulline malate
  2. Beta-Alanine
  3. L-Arginine
  4. Choline Bitartrate
  5. Agmatine Sulfate
  6. Beet Root Extract
  7. N-Acetyl Tyrosine
  8. Caffeine Anhydrous
  9. Isopropylnorsynephrine
  10. Yohimbe HCL
  11. Theobromine
  12. GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine)GBB delivers L-carnitine naturally which is effective in fuelling your workouts by providing the required energy during workouts. It acts as a great fuel source to help maximize peak performance. You can say it is a pro version of L-Carnitine.

Caffeine: 300mg caffeine Anhydrous


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