Meet BioCorp founder, Nutritionist, and Fitness Expert David Reinprecht.

“I started BioCorp to change the industry one athlete at a time as we continue to provide ground-breaking nutrition to the toughest bodies or anyone who wants to take their fitness goals to the next level.”


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Talk Show with MPT & Nutritionist, David Reinprecht, “My Life Story”

My motivation to open BioCorp USA

David’s story began at an early age when he was a 12-year-old boy. He started to like this cute girl in his class and eventually fell in love, only to find out she would shatter his world. When David finally had the courage to approach her, she stared at him and replied, ” How could you think I would ever go out with you? YOU’RE FAT.”

This incident would change his life forever; he recovered with a different mindset. He became determined to know everything there was to know about nutrition, building muscle, and how the body burns fat. About three weeks later he lost 25lbs and he would never look back to the person he once was.

Following his college studies in nutrition, David joined the Austrian army, where he learned to defy weakness and death, pushing through his limits over and over again. After completing his military service, his passion for helping others led him towards the path of mastering personal training. He moved to the United States.

Not long after working as a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, CA, he was approached to model for fitness magazines and equipment. His life’s work was starting to pay off, as he had come a long way from the boy he once was. Eventually, David was offered a one-year supplement sponsorship contract and a brand-new life chapter began to blossom. During that time, he learned a lot about the supplement industry, which later led him to get involved in the development of supplements at a well-renowned company.

David loved working with supplements, but the dark side of the industry weighed heavily on his mind. He became aware that most supplement companies sacrifice the quality of their products to maintain profit margins hence keeping investors happy. Ultimately, the customer gets the short end of the stick, and that is something that never sat well with David. Therefore, he walked away from this well-established supplement company with what savings he had and a vision for how he desired to change the game altogether. His mission to bring pure, high-potency supplements to the world had just begun.

It was then that David started BioCorp USA. His vision to set a new standard in the supplement industry had started to take shape and he never looked back.

At BioCorp USA, we source and produce high-potency, filler-free supplements right here in the United States. We hold our products to the highest standards of quality and back them with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are changing the industry one athlete at a time as we continue to provide ground-breaking nutrition to individuals ranging from beginner fitness enthusiasts to the most advanced athlete. Bring your fitness performance to the next level of excellence, with BioCorp USA.


The motivation behind the creation of BioCorp was to produce the highest quality science-based sports and performance supplements in the world. We are 100% committed to delivering high-quality sports nutrition products that combine superior ingredients with cutting-edge delivery technology. By doing so, we create the safest and most advanced performance products on the market.

Ranging from the typical bodybuilder to the MMA athlete to the health-conscious fitness enthusiast, anyone invested in health and performance is sure to benefit from BioCorp USA supplementation.

BioCorp nutrition has as its core mission to implement the utilization of current, cutting-edge research in the formulation of its products. Strict scrutiny in the selection of raw materials, and an unrelenting focus on product development from infancy to maturity is a company guarantee.

Our products will undoubtedly get you bigger, stronger, and leaner than anything else out on the market. BioCorp USA supplements are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility and produced under the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.



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