Clean ISO Protein from BioCorp USA is triple filtered with premium Isolate Whey Protein. We added digestive enzymes to support the breakdown of protein to avoid discomfort and bloating, sweetened with real organic Stevia & Monk Fruit to protect your microbiome. All in one Protein.


Is whey isolate better than whey concentrate? Whey isolate is slightly more expensive than whey concentrate and here is why. The difference between these two types lies in the amount of protein contained per scoop. Isolates are processed and filtered to contain approximately 90 % protein per scoop, with most of the fat and lactose removed. In other words, Whey Isolate undergoes multiple filtering processes resulting in better-quality protein content with almost no lactose or carbs.

When should I take whey isolate? Since whey protein isolate is a fast-acting protein powder rich in amino acids, the best time to take whey protein isolate to boost protein synthesis is post-workout. However, it can be consumed with breakfast, as a midday snack, with dinner, or even right before bedtime

Can whey protein reduce belly fat? Whey protein can assist in the reduction of belly fat. If you’re trying to gain muscle, increase strength and lose significant amounts of body fat, whey protein can prove to be an effective part of your nutrition regimen. Although it’s not a magical diet pill that burns fat overnight, it can help to control your appetite when on a calorie-restricted diet.

Is whey protein isolate good for weight loss? Whey protein can be highly efficacious for weight loss when taken for the right reasons. Whey protein curbs your appetite, and it can help you stick to a low-calorie diet which will assist you in reaching your weight-loss goals. Furthermore, let’s not forget protein has the highest thermic effect available at a whopping 25%. This means that 25% of the calories consumed from protein get burned through the digestion process.

What does Clean whey isolate do? It’s the cleanest form of protein available on the market for it contains all essential amino acids, including BCAA’s. Your body needs to repair muscle tissue after a workout and essential amino acids are not made by our bodies. Therefore, we must look to food and supplements sources to get these fundamental nutrients.                            I

(50 customer reviews)

Clean ISO Protein from BioCorp USA is triple filtered with premium Isolate Whey Protein. Digestive enzymes have been added to support the breakdown of protein which assists in avoiding discomfort and bloating. Sweetened with real organic Stevia & Monk Fruit, this delicious protein shake protects the health of your microbiome, making it a fantastic All-In-One Protein choice.

Enzyme profile

Lactase: The LCT gene generates a signal that triggers the production of an enzyme called lactase. This particular enzyme aids in the digestion of lactose, which is a sugar commonly found in milk and similar dairy products. Our cells produce Lactase which lines the walls of the small intestine.

Bromelain: Bromelain offers multiple health benefits which include sinus relief, decreased inflammation and improved digestion

Papain: Papain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the raw fruit of the papaya plant. This particular enzyme assists in the breaking down of proteins into smaller fragments called peptides and amino acids. Papain is a popular ingredient in meat tenderizers.

Clean Isolate Protein provides powerful nutrition to muscles, and it is essential for the health, well-being, and performance of any athlete.  The essential amino acids found in Clean Isolate Protein are branched-chain amino acids that optimize muscle-building. Clean Isolate Whey Protein powder can be added to any beverage, smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, or baked good, making this a great way to increase daily protein intake. Clean Isolate Whey Protein powder proves to be a remarkable choice for the enhancement of protein consumption. Since protein requirements are higher for athletes, Clean Isolate Whey protein helps athletes meet these fundamental needs. It is perfect for the strengthening, building, and repairing of muscle tissue.

Each scoop of Clean Whey Isolate provides 25.5g of Protein.

You can consume this protein shake before and after workouts or whenever you need a quick meal replacement. This phenomenal-tasting protein is designed to help you stay on top of your nutrition, supporting you towards the achievement of your fitness goals!

Clean Whey Isolate has a higher level of protein purity than its competitors and a powerful amino acid profile, nourishing your muscles and allowing your body to transform and recover like no other protein on the market.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

50 reviews for Clean ISO Protein from BioCorp USA is triple filtered with premium Isolate Whey Protein. We added digestive enzymes to support the breakdown of protein to avoid discomfort and bloating, sweetened with real organic Stevia & Monk Fruit to protect your microbiome. All in one Protein.

  1. Chris K

    What a great-tasting protein. CHOCOLATE, COCOA, AND PEANUT BUTTER. gREAT JOB GUYS

  2. Stephen L. Hildreth

    I used to have problems with whey protein due to bloating. this is the first protein that doesn’t give me any discomfort. And it tastes unbelievably good. I will recommend it to my friends

  3. Karen Hainka

    I really love that you guys use stevia and monk fruit and not these harmful artificial sweeteners. Its about time that a supplement company takes actions. Thank you

  4. Jett K.

    First off, i must say this flavor is marvelous. It doesn’t taste like the normal chocolate peanut butter, Great job, I can also taste the cacao. Btw the digestive enzymes really help me with not getting bloated.

  5. Brittany Caswell

    Its a bit pricy, but at least its great quality. Its not a typical cheap protein from wall mart. I guess not having sucrose in this protein makes a big difference. Stevia and monk fruit is good on your stomach and its natural without feeling bloated. There aren’t many companies out there that spend a bit more and use natural sweeteners. And the taste is also amazing

  6. Riley Tiny

    World class!! Amazing flavor combo! I can’t wait for the next flavor you bring on the market.

  7. Tania

    This is my husband’s favorite flavor. He drinks this mixed with just Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk.

  8. Cheri Sullivan

    Always my go to! Love the texture and taste… doesn’t give a bad aftertaste like most protein powders

  9. Lori Stuart

    It’s the best flavor I’ve had so far! I drink it with water or milk and both are amazing !

  10. Mary Dyer

    Very yummy and it doesn’t bother my stomach! Hip hip hooray! Finally a protein i can drink!!

  11. Peter Smith

    By far the most delicious and smooth shake I’ve had!

  12. Jessica Mayon

    Yummy! What a good treat after a hard workout. I really enjoy that cocoa added. Definitely will buy again.

  13. Dave Murphy

    It doesn’t taste like a regular chocolate peanut butter protein. It has this great cacaco after taste. Unbelievable good

  14. Danny KO

    Amazing flavor, great texture, and it mix well with my oats and almond milk. 10 OUT OF 10 FOR THE TASTE!

  15. Ryan Althoff

    The Flavor is Amazing! No need to get your protein powder anywhere else, This is the BEST, and Clean Clean Clean! !

  16. konianikas

    I’m so impressed with the fantastic flavor of this Whey protein powder! Little to no bloating which is great since so many others have a bad aftertaste and can create discomfort in the gut. This one doesn’t do that at all and I’m totally going to keep buying it! It’s filling and a good meal replacement if you need a quick meal to get your nutrients in! It’s the very BEST there it! Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

  17. Sabrina Lewis

    I have tried soooo many proteins and i was never able to drink one due to my stomach issues, until i found this one. Unbelievable flavor, and those enzymes seem to really help me to digest

  18. Adam Backer

    My boy Dave gave me a sample and ever since im hooked, what an excellent taste. I always thought its not possible to get such an amazing sweetness with stevia & monk fruit. Boy was i wrong.

  19. Richard Branson

    I had the worst stomach issues with dairy products until i tried Clean Iso from BioCorp. The enzymes and triple filtering i guess makes the difference. Well done. Love it

  20. Dan Stocking

    Clean Whey Iso Protein from Biocorp USA is something i was looking for. Yes, its a bit pricey but then again if you buy digestive enzymes separate you pay at least $25. So, its worth the prices

  21. Rene Perez

    Absolutly love it.

  22. Ewald Kohler

    Great job. i love the taste and i use it to cook and for shakes. WELL DONE. CLEAN ISO WHEY PROTEIN!

  23. Julie Floyd

    I used to have stomach issues with a lot of proteins until i found Clean ISO Whey, I don’t get bloated, my stomach feels good and it tastes amazing!

  24. Karen Gold

    Finally a protein that doesn’t mess up my stomach or make me fart all day. Thank god i found BioCorp’s Whey Protein

  25. Dave Murphy

    The clean iso whey is phenomenal! The digestive enzymes really help my stomach.

  26. Frank Cullen

    Very clean and tasty. Perfect mixture

  27. Lisa L

    Real muscle food, Protein powder for sensitive stomach. I had issues with pretty much 95% of proteins until i found this one.

  28. Mark Larry

    Protein with digestive enzymes is amazing. I haven’t experimented any stomach issues at all. Thank god its with stevia and monk fruit. No artificial sweaters. good job

  29. Juliette Summer

    Finally i found a Protein with stevia and monk fruit that doesn’t mess up your microbiome! Most companies are using sucrose or other cheap sweeteners which is bad for your gut bacteria.

  30. Elizabeth Herrgott

    Im on Keto for over a year and most proteins don’t cater to keto friendly proteins. This one works as it has zero sugar.and very low carbs

  31. Scoot Robins

    I have never heard of a whey isolate protein powder that is triple filtered like this one from Biocorp. Im not sure what the difference is but sure it tastes good and its easy on my stomach

  32. Edith Hernandez

    This protein tastes unbelievable and its a great protein powder for women. Due to the digestive enzymes and its sweetened with stevia & monk fruit, zero on the glycemic index, also great for keto diets

  33. Nike Ruud

    This protein powder for men is also for women, i mean why shouldn’t be its just protein however since most people have sensitive stomachs due to artificial sweetener and cheap filler this works for anyone who has problems with digestion.

  34. jOHNNY B

    This protein is perfect for sensitive stomachs. How many times did i buy a protein and my stomach went all crazy. This clean whey protein actually works for me and the flavor is also amazing.

  35. Christina Stossl

    This unique Protein with digestive enzymes works for me. Finally, a company that doesn’t mess up my stomach where i don’t get bloaded. This Protein powder really works for sensitive stomachs.

  36. Claire White

    I wish they would have more flavors for this protein, but besides that i like it a lot. It has a real rich flavor. Not like the normal chocolate peanut butter. And this Protein powder with enzymes helps a lot with bloating

  37. Marlo Johnson

    A keto friendly protein thats sweetened with stevia and monk fruit. That is exactly what i was looking for and the taste is also 10 out of 10. My husband and I use it everyday.

  38. Jett Bauer

    Finally a Protein with digestive enzymes that keeps me from bloating and farting all day. LOL true story. I wasn’t able to use any protein powder for the last year. Thank god i found this one. Highly recommend

  39. Carlos Rodrigues

    Is there a difference between protein powder for women & protein powder for women? Isn’t a whey isolate protein powder the same for both? Im pretty sure its is. Its muscle food for both genders… am i right?

  40. Mark

    A Protein powder for sensitive stomach and a Protein with digestive enzymes!! It doesn’t get any better. My gf and I had issues with so many proteins prior, we got gassy and my stomach felt like it was about to explode lol With this Clean Why i honestly have no issue so far and i drink at least 2 of them daily.

  41. Karin Pinter

    Hello there i have been on a leto diet for 1 year with great success, i lost about 45 lbs but i went able to drink a lot of proteins due to the sugar content or even artificial sweetener such as sucrose can activate insulin. So it was hard to find a keto friendly protein. Especially a whey isolate protein powder. Clean Whey is with stevia and monk fruit which is the best for a leto protein because it doesn’t activate insulin and its natural. GREAT MUSCLE FOOD on a leto diet

  42. Angie Kotlair

    I don’t usually write reviews but i decided to give my input, a protein powder for women is when it doesn’t have sugar, instead they use stevia and or monk fruit like this Biocorp protein has. This Protein powder with enzymes helps a lot of people digesting it without getting bloated. A GREAT Protein powder for sensitive stomach! And its also leto friendly due to zero sugar and very low carbs. I LOVING IT

  43. Johnny D

    Protein supplements are a good sourse of protein. Great muscle food if you don’t wanna eat meat all day long which could get a little expensive hess days. This leto friendly protein is one of the best i have seen so far however i wish they had more flavors

  44. Lori Hildreth

    I was looking for some good Protein powder for sensitive stomach that has digestive enzymes in it and finally i found one thanks to Clean Whey from BioCorp USA. So far so good no stomach issues. AND I LOVE the facts that its also ket friendly.

  45. Steve Tucker

    I can’t tell you how long i have been searching for a Protein with stevia and monk fruit. All these artificial sweetener like sucrose kills your gut bacteria and gets you bloated. At least for me and some of my friends who have the same problem. Most whey isolate protein powders use sucrose for sweeteners which sucks for my stomach.

  46. Amber Martinez

    My husband has severe digestive problems with a lot of food including protein supplements until he tried this whey isolate protein powder. This Protein with digestive enzymes helps him a lot, i couldn’t believe that he would ever be able to drink a protein shake. Thank you BioCorp

  47. Tammy Lang

    My kid doesn’t like meat or fish so she doesn’t get enough protein from food but she love this whey isolate protein powder due to the milkshake flavor. Im so happy i found a protein shake she loves and drinks. If my little 6 year old loves it anyone will love this milkshake flavor. Great muscle food for kids lol

  48. Jason Marcy

    David at Biocorp is extremely knowledgeable and proficient! I asked him for some nutrition advice and he went above and beyond. I’ve tried his Muscle builder pro and Clean Whey Protein supplement and absolutely love them! For anyone needing nutrition or supplement advice or product I definitely would reccomend Biocorp! It really works Protein powder for sensitive stomach. The perfect MUSCLE FOOD!

  49. Paul Adams

    My GF and I have used many protein supplements prior CLEAN WHEY PROTEIN by BioCorp and none of them taste as good as this one even though they use stevia and monk fruit. Its also a keto friendly protein which is perfect sine we both are on a leto diet for years, but the kicker is this Protein with digestive enzymes is WOW perfect due to my sensitive stomach toward protein powders. I GIVE IT 10 OUT OF 10

  50. Sandra German

    I give this protein supplements a chance since i have real digestive issues with any milk products. Maybe its the the Protein with digestive enzymes in it that helps or maybe its just high quality, however i was able to drink it without problems. I only tried it 2 times, so ill keep you posted if anything changes. I wish the would have more flavor options.

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