Losing weight and shredding muscle to look lean (and sexy for some) is a process that takes time and effort, but if done properly, it can completely transform your body’s appearance. By following the below-mentioned tips, you’ll be on your way to a shredded body in less than three months.

1. Consume fewer calories

Regardless of your nutrition, exercise plan, and supplements, consuming fewer calories than your body burns is essential.

One pound has 3500 calories, so if you consume 500 calories fewer each day, you can lose one pound per week. Not bad, right? However, you can get shredded even faster.

2. Eat Frequently

Increasing the frequency of your meals will help shred your body. Lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates (carbs) spaced evenly throughout the day will boost your metabolism and turn it into a fat-shredding machine. The way it works is simple – to digest food, our body burns fat. So if you eat three meals per day, your body will spend calories digesting the foods you ate only 3 times per day. However, by increasing meal frequency to 6 meals (not portion volume), you’ll also burn more calories, as your body will have to digest foods 6 times.

So aim for 5-6 small meals per day, and always make sure you are eating enough protein.


3. Drink more water

Water is one of the best tools for shredding muscle. Our liver, which processes fat, relies on high amounts of water to function properly. Dehydration definitely slows down the fat-burning process and makes you one step further from getting a shredded body.

Therefore, always drink eight glasses of water per day, which is equal to around two liters. A great way to determine whether you need to increase your daily water intake is to observe the color of your urine. If it’s pale yellow you are drinking an adequate amount; however, if it is dark shaded, you definitely need to increase your intake.

And not to mention that water decreases your appetite, so you’ll intake fewer calories, which will definitely help get your shredded body.


4. Lift heavyweights

Contrary to what people think, lifting lighter weight and doing more reps is not the way to shred muscle. The heavier the weights are, the more energy you’ll need to lift it, so you’ll burn more calories.

However, always pay attention to the right form, as it can prevent many injuries you certainly want to avoid.


5. Change your nutrition

What you eat will determine whether or not you’ll have a shredded body. Besides eating 5-6 times per week, you also need to know the right macronutrient ratio.

Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fats that are found in foods and our body needs them on a daily basis. They all play a specific function in our body, so we can’t live without them.

To get shredded, you’ll need to make sure your daily calorie intake consists of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats.

Apart from that, the post-workout meal (meal after your workout) is critical for improving recovery and building muscle. The things you eat or the supplement you use for your post-workout meal will greatly impact your success.

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