Are you totally frustrated despite hitting the gym each week, eating right, while taking the ‘right’ supplements and YOU STILL don’t see any results? If that sounds like you read on.

Did you know that muscle magazines like Muscle & Fitness were created with the SOLE purpose of selling the supplements of the companies that own the magazines themselves?
It’s true!
In almost all cases, the primary goal of these magazines is to SELL supplements…and they work so darn well!
If they actually told you what REALLY worked…they’d maybe have 20 articles or so that they could reprint over and over and over.
But THAT wouldn’t sell a whole lot of magazines…
And while letting magazines guide your training and diet is way better than just sitting on your couch eating Cheetos, it WON’T get you to your ultimate goal of getting in shape. Don’t feel bad though, I fell for it too.
I spent years doing probably what you’re doing: hitting the gym, thinking you’re getting into shape, drinking tons of protein and other supplements, only to be disappointed at the supposed gains the muscle magazines promised you.
The truth about real gains is to follow 3 simple steps.
Do Compound Lifts with Progressive Overload.
You need to be spending most of your time at the gym doing compound exercises, the ones that involve multiple muscle groups and multiple joints.
You should primarily do key movement exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press and military presses. Use the bar or dumbbells – no Smith Machines!
And you want to be moving heavy weights – NOT tons of lightweights with isolation machines. I’m talking weights that are 75% to 85% of your one-rep max.
In most of your sets, lift heavy weights for 4-6 reps max. If you’re doing more reps than that, you need to up the weight.
Once you can do 6 reps, then add weight progressively each week.
To grow muscle, its simple, you need to lift more weight than you did the week before. THAT is how your muscles grow.
To make gains each week, it’s crucial that you remember what exercise, how much weight and how many reps you did the week before. All of which is why you need to track your workouts. You won’t really know what you did the week before or 3 weeks ago unless you track. Trust me, I know a lot of you don’t like to do that, but it will show you each week how much strength and muscle gain you have made, and that keeps us motivated week after week.
Stop wasting your hard earned money on Supplements that don’t Work.
I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements such as testosterone boosters, growth hormone boosters, weight gainers, pre-workouts, post-workouts etc…
Eventually, I realized that supplements don’t build great physiques, only proper diet, and proper training does.
Most supplements on the market right now can’t deliver a fraction of what they promise. They’re not even worth the bottles they’re sold in.
Fortunately, there are about 10% of really good supplement companies out there that sell quality products and BioCorp USA is one of them.
Do your homework and spend some time searching for the right supplement companies that really keep up with their promise.

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